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Getting Your Business Online

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed when they
first look into getting their business online. Actually, it's not
difficult, you only need three things:

    1   to register a domain name,
    2   servers to host your domain, and,
    3   somebody to design your web site.

We can help you with all of these things.

   *    Registering a Domain Name
Your domain name is how web surfers will find
you online. It should be the name of your business, or a
registered trademark, or a product, or some other descriptive
name. Often it's difficult to find a name that represents who
you are that hasn't already been taken.

You also have to decide whether you want a .com,
a .ca, or a .biz name.
It doesn't really matter which you choose.

Once you've chosen your name, we use a domain registrar to
register the name for you. If you want a .ca domain name, we
recommend webnames.ca, otherwise Network Solutions.

We don't charge anything to register a domain name for you, but
the registrar will charge a fee, usually between $25 - $50 per year.

   *    What if I already have a domain name?
If you have already registered a domain name, you simply have to
point your domain at our servers (technically, change the
DNS servers for your domain). To accomplish this you return
to wherever you registered your domain, and using the user ID
and password they gave you when you registered your domain,
change the DNS servers for your domain to:

Primary DNS server:
   ns1.dynamicnetservices.com   (
Secondary DNS server:
   ns2.dynamicnetservices.com   (

(The numbers in brackets are the IP addresses - you may also need these,
or you may not, depending upon where you registered your domain.)

We will handle all of this for you, if you want, for no charge.

   *    Domain Hosting
Once you have registered your domain name, you need somebody with
some servers to host the domain for you. You need at least two
DNS servers, a web server, and possibly an e-mail server. This is where
Dynamic Net Services.com enters the picture. We charge $30 per month,
and we provide everything you need.

Specifically we provide:
-  DNS services
-  space on our servers for your web site
-  E-mail addresses
-  no bandwidth surcharges
-  unlimited updates or changes to your web site

We will provide a user ID and password that you will use to update
your web site and check your e-mail.

   *    Finding somebody to design your web site
The final thing you need is the web site itself (the
various HTML files and images that comprise your web site).

There are four options available to you:

    1   Design your web site yourself
This is a great option because it costs you nothing and you
get exactly what you want. However, if you don't know HTML
and don't have access to a web authoring tool, this option is not for you.

    2   Get a friend, or nephew, or art student to design your site for you
Nearly everybody knows somebody who can design a web site.
If your site is not too complicated, and your nephew agrees
to work for beer and nachos, then this is an affordable option.

    3   Hire us to design your web site for you
Hiring a designer is the easiest option for you, but also
the most expensive. We charge $100 per hour for design
work. We have in-house designers and database people,
and we subcontract as necessary.

A simple one-page web site would likely only take a few hours,
and so would only cost a few hundred dollars.
A medium-sized site like this one took about
30 hours to design and build, and so would cost about
$3000. A more complicated site like annasfashionoutlet.com
takes about 120 hours, and so would cost about $12,000.

Contact us, and we'll give you a quote, with no obligation.

    4   Shop around...
Shop around, there are many, many, designers out there
that will design your web page for you cheaper than
we will. But in general, you get what you pay for; our
work speaks for itself.

We don't mind which option you choose. We'll be here to provide
technical advice to your designer, and to help get you online.

   *    What's this whole thing going to cost?
It depends upon how complicated a web site you want, but approximately:

     Web site design:    $2000.00    once
     Domain Registration:    $50.00    annually
     Domain Hosting:    $30.00    monthly

Taxes apply to these figures, and we have assumed that your
web site is of a modest size (three pages) and won't require too
much expensive graphic design work, because you already will
have things like a company logo and pictures of your products.

   *    Ok, What's the Next Step?
Surf the net. Find-out what your competitors' sites are like.
Get an idea of how you'd like your site to look.

Send an e-mail to sales@dynamicnetservices.com
or call 416-929-3477. Tell us what you're thinking. We'll listen
and give you a quote up front. Let's talk about getting you online!

Also, check out our Customer Service Guarantee.


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