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   *    I forgot my password
If you have forgotten your password, send e-mail to

   *    How do I design my web site?
The tutorial demonstrates how to
create a very, very, simple web page, and upload it to the
server. The idea is to create a text file containing HTML
commands. This can be done by hand using a simple text editor.

There are lots of programs that make it very easy to create
web pages. They look and feel much like a typical word processor,
except that they create HTML files. Search the web for
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, microsoft FrontPage,
or Netscape Composer.

All of these programs include automatic FTP functionality that
makes uploading the web site to the server easy.

   *    I don't want to design my own site, what now?
No problem, see our guide to Getting Your Business Online
for several other options, with prices.

   *    Are there any guides to HTML?
Yes. Check-out:
-  Getting Started with HTML,
-  The NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML,
-  Webmonkey HTML Cheatsheet,
-  The HTML Home Page,
-  or, you can always search google.

   *    How do I upload my web page?
Most HTML editors (certainly all of the web authoring tools
listed above) will automatically upload your web site to the server.
Look for an upload or publish function. All you will need is
the name of the server (dynamicnetservices.com) and your
user ID and password.

FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) software allows you to copy
files between computers. All popular operating systems
(including Linux and Windows) come with FTP software.

Here's an overview of the process.
Login to the server (dynamicnetservices.com) using your FTP
software and your user ID and password. Once you've logged
on, you will see a directory called "public_html".
Your web site, including all image files and HTML files must
go into this directory.

You should have a file called "index.html"
that goes into your public_html directory.
This is the home page of your web site. When people surf
to http://dynamicnetservices.com/~yourID
it is the index.html file that they will see.

A tutorial describing the FTP process using Internet Explorer
is available here.

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