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Who Are We?  

Getting Your
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We are your friendly neighbourhood internet service provider,
located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada !
We have been servicing the small business community since 1999.

Our specialty is bringing small businesses online. We provide:

   *    Easy, Reliable, Web and Domain Hosting
-  As of April 1st 2003, our domain hosting package drops to $30 per month
-  We'll help you register your domain name (usually costs
between $25 - $50 per year) if you don't already have one.
-  E-mail addresses are included
-  DNS services are included
-  Space on our servers is included
-  No bandwidth surcharges
-  No hidden fees!
-  See our guide to Getting Your Business Online

   *    Redundant (Off-Site) Services
-  Need reliable E-mail? How about an off-site redundant e-mail server?
Redundant E-mail services cost $100 annually.
-  Need DNS services for your domain?
How about off-site redundant (secondary) DNS servers?
DNS services cost $40 annually.
-  Have a dynamic IP address? No problem!
We can provide DNS services for your domain.

   *    Consulting
-  Identifying your business technology needs
-  Hardware solutions, server installation and configuration
-  Software development (Java, C++, PHP, SQL, CGI)
-  Connectivity: ADSL, office networking, wireless
-  Networking: router, gateway, and firewall configuration
-  Security auditing

We have experience with all levels of business Information Technology.
From designing a static web page, to building a web storefront,
we've done it all. Tell us what you'd like to do, and
we'll give you a quote for free.

We use SlackWare Linux!      

For more information e-mail sales@dynamicnetservices.com or call 416-929-3477.

We are proud supporters of Canada's artists. Ask about our student plans.

Contact:     Dynamic Net Services.com
Suite 2111
25 Saint Mary Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4Y 1R2

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