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We offer a special web hosting package for students.

   *    Create your own web presence
-  have your own web page!
-  create an online gallery of your fine art
-  increase your profile
-  keep your web page as long as you want
(not cancelled every term)
-  share files with your study group

   *    Low-low price
-  the student web package costs $10 per month
(plus applicable taxes)
-  no set up fee!
-  no credit-card required
-  payment in advance, by cheque or money-order

   *    Design your web page yourself
-  use HTML or Flash or whatever
-  upload your web page with convenient FTP
-  change your web page as often as you like
-  we don't add any headers, footers, or ads - your page is your own

   *    Student web page of the month
-  check-out mooandme, the student web page of the month

   *    Conditions and Limitations
-  you must be a student (with valid student ID)
-  you must use only a reasonable amount of bandwidth
-  for this price you do not get your own domain;
your URL will be http://dynamicnetservices.com/~yourID
not http://yourdomain.com. If you want your own domain,
you need our Web and Domain Hosting package.

   *    How to sign-up?
1   Send an e-mail to sales@dynamicnetservices.com
telling us your name, preferred user ID, when you want
the web site (start and end months), and asking any questions
you may have.

If you want the site to be up for longer than one year, we'll
ask you to pay for the first year, and after 10 months we'll
send you a renewal notice (by e-mail) so you can pre-pay for
the next year.

Note that we respect your privacy. Your e-mail address will
only be used by us to contact you regarding your web site.
We don't spam. Please look over our customer guarantee
and make sure you can abide by our customer agreement.

2   We'll send you an e-mail answering your questions
and verifying that you got your requested user ID.
This e-mail will also tell you what the total cost is.
The student rate is $10 per month.
With GST and PST, this is $11.50 per month.

3   Send a cheque or money-order to us, and a photocopy of your student ID.

Our address is:
  Suite 2111
  25 Saint Mary Street
  Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1R2

4   Once we've received your payment, we'll send you an e-mail with
your password. Upload your site!
Upload instructions are available here.

5   Change your site whenever you want.
Keep your site as long as you like.
If at some point in the future you would like your own domain
(i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com), we can set this up for you.
See our Web and Domain Hosting package.

   *    More Information?


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